I am originally from Brazil, but have been living in Salt Lake City, UT, since 2006. I have a passion for web and graphic design that dates back to 1998, when I designed my first website about my favorite band: Oasis. From that moment on, I had a successful freelance career designing websites for small-business clients and blog templates for friends. I currently work at Westminster College as the Director of Graphic Design and Social Media Strategist for the Office of Marketing and Communications.

I am a big nerd, and completely passionate about nerdy things like internet, music, television, movies, cats, and books. My favorite TV show growing up was the X-Files, and I wanted to be an astronaut. I cried when I visited NASA in Cape Canaveral (it might have to do with Something Corporate’s “The Astronaut” starting to play at that same time on the car’s radio, just too many emotions to handle!). My cat is a huge goofy-hairball named Frango (it means chicken in Portuguese), but he lives in Brazil with my parents. I travel at every opportunity, just so I can take beautiful pictures I can later share on my blogs. You’ll often notice that I travel with at least three cameras, but most likely a fourth or even a fifth will sneak in my luggage if there’s space. I often have nightmares about camera malfunctions; it’s quite terrifying.

I started blogging for Comentarios em Serie in 2006, where I mostly talked about my favorite TV show at the time: Bones. I have since stepped down as a regular contributor, but I return once in a while to update the readers on the Sundance Film Festival that happens every year in Park City, Utah. My other blogging venture is Occupy the Wardrobe, a blog where (originally) five girls sworn not to shop for a year and just make do with what they already have in their closets. That venture was so exciting, I started to contribute to Tie Dye POA, and created my own little personal blog, this one, so I could share even more cool things with all of you!


Master of Professional Communication (MPC) — Westminster College, UT. 2010.
Certificate of Technology and Arts — University of Utah. 2008.
Bachelor’s degree in Advertising with Marketing Emphasis — Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM), Brazil. 2006.

Professional Experience

Director of Graphic Design and Social Media Strategist — Office of Marketing and Communications, Westminster College. 2014 to Present
Marketing and Social Media Manager — Admissions, Westminster College. 2008 to 2014
Social Media Marketing Instructor — School of Arts & Sciences, Westminster College. 2012 to Present
Social Media for Small Business Workshop Instructor — Continuing Education, Westminster College. 2010
Web and Graphic Designer — Freelance. 1998 to 2010
Computer Sales — University of Utah Bookstore. 2006 to 2008
Web Designer — Agência Junior ESPM. 2005 to 2006
Teaching Assistant for Web and Graphic Design — Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing. 2005
Operations — Walt Disney World. Winter 2004
Marketing Assistant — Alfamidia. 2003


Software — Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, FinalCut, DVD Studio Pro, Maya, Microsoft Word
Web Languages — HTML, CSS, some PHP
Social Media Marketing — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine.
Blogs — Design for WordPress and Blogger, plus blogger for Occupy the Wardrobe, CeS, and Tie Dye POA
Languages — Fluent in English and Portuguese
Hobbies — Photography and Sewing