Quilting Cotton Skirt | B6102


Quilting Cotton Skirt | B6102 | Sew Anita

I used a quilting cotton for this wearable muslimĀ Butterick 6102 skirt. I’ve been working on a few different skirts to come up with a good pattern to make a skirt to wear to a wedding in about a month. I don’t think this pattern is the one, but I think this skirt turned out great! I did it a size too big, so my next time working with this pattern I’ll use a size or two smaller. And as much as I love this print and this skirt is super fun, I think it would look better in a solid fabric, or something with a more discreet print.

I do really like it though! Isn’t it fun? The only caveat is that I don’t have a lot of shirts that match it, but you know that’s an easy problem to fix, right? I do feel like I need a couple more cherry red tops anyway.

Quilting Cotton Skirt | B6102 | Sew Anita Quilting Cotton Skirt | B6102 | Sew Anita

  • Virginia Castiglione

    Ficou linda!! Que tecido bonito, amei!! Me manda um pouco dele? Vou mandar fazer uma saia assim pra mim tb, posso??

  • anitaboeira

    Esse tecido eh super velho! Nao tem mais pra vender! :(