June 2014 Recap


May was a crazy whirlwind of a month, I had so much going on, I wrote one of my longest recaps ever! So I guess I needed to slow down in June, and that’s just what I did! June was a very introspective month, with most of my free time dedicated to reading and sewing.

In June I,

Park City Reading Weekend II - June 2014 | Anita Boeira

Went Places: Park City, to be exact, which doesn’t sound like it’s very far (it isn’t), but it was a trip nonetheless. A group of friends and I packed our bags full of comfy clothes and more books that we can read in a month, let alone a weekend, and headed out to a rental home in PC to read for 72 hours straight to read, sleep, and eat lots of treats. I managed to read 3 books before sundown on Sunday (SCORE!), but this large number is due in part of my selection: trashy romance novels that you can read in one sitting. It’s a weekend of indulgences after all, not serious reading! I love those reading weekends, and hope to have more of those in my future.

First 10K | Anita Boeira

Ran my first 10k: I think the subtitle can be a little misleading, I ran 10 kilometers, but I didn’t run a 10k race. I just ran 10 kilometers as practice to a 10k race I signed up for in July. I wanted to make it to a 10k in my practice sessions at least a few times before I tackle an official race. So I ran 10k and I felt awesome. I mean, it kind of hurt in the end, but I made it. The farthest I had run before was 5,77 miles (a 10k is 6,22 miles), and I did that in one hour and a half. I’m hoping to do a little bit better time at the actual race, so I’ll try to bring my time down till then. 85 minutes to run 10k is not really ideal race time :)

Watching the World Cup | Anita Boeira

Watched Some TV: By watched some TV you just know I’m talking about exclusively World Cup. There was almost no series watching this month, even though I’m late catching up on 24, and haven’t even started on the new Orange is the New Black season. But I have spent dedicated time to watch the World Cup games, so much that I even succumbed to subscribing to cable again. Just for this month, of course. But before I cancel it, I must make sure I watch Fargo on FX, then I can officially let go of cable. And to be fair, I’ve been watching all the important games at the Beer Bar or Brewvies anyway.

Sewing June 2014 | Anita Boeira

Made things: Even though I spent a good part of June reading and watching the World Cup, I also got some sewing done. I’m set on using up most of my fabric stash before shopping for fabric again, so a lot of projects that were sitting on a pile are getting made. I started the month with a wrap dress, followed by a top made with the same fabric (which I had already done another top with, and still have enough for a third top left…). Then I sewed a super fun fruity dress. Then I sewed another 2 tops, all in one weekend and started a dress that I ALMOST finished before the month was over… it just needs a zipper and hemming and it will be done. Whew!

Polaroid Class | Anita Boeira

Took a Polaroid Class: Craft Lake City offers a bunch of cool workshops around the year, the first one I went to was in December last year and learned how to make some fabulous bows, and this year, my friend Jenn Rohn (pictured above holding her favorite polaroid from the class) invited me to go with her to do a workshop to learn how to use the old Polaroid cameras! ACME Photography was teaching the class, and they brought all those old cool cameras for us to play with. I loved it. I am very tempted to get a polaroid camera now, but I might refrain from doing it till my birthday and maybe I can just ask Mike to go to ACME and grab me one! Good plan, right?

Did Not Blog a Lot: What? I know, June was a very slow month for me on the blog front.I only had a few blog posts, and ALL about sewing. Should I just admit it that this turned into a sewing blog and go for it? Or do I want to keep my options open, because I don’t sew enough to ONLY blog about it. But on the other hand, that’s all I blogged about. See my dilemma? I think it’s time to regroup and rethink where I’m going with this blog. I’m still keeping the travel photography I do on a different blog, because I think that one works better as a photo blog, and this one not as much. But maybe I could redesign this one and combine both blogs. It’s an idea. Maybe after the road trip I can sit down with myself and plan what to do with this blog for the next few months. So help me out, what would you like to see here?

  • I love the sewing projects, but I also love the photography. I would say just keep doing what you are doing. It seems to be a good mix. :)