This Week in Sewing


I owe you all a Sunday Sewing post, don’t I? I haven’t been idle. I did a few things this past two weeks that I didn’t get a chance to blog about, and I have a new (amazing-super-awesome-it-s-good) dress I finished tonight that I haven’t photographed them to blog yet. Sorry, I refuse to take pictures on bad hair days! But hopefully this Sunday I’ll have it for you. In the meantime… Here are some cell phone photos of everything that came out of my sewing room since the Ice Cream Dress.

1. Ana Dress: this is the third Anna Dress from Hand London that I’vr sewed. I love this pattern, and even though I still take about 30 hours to make one of those, I still think it’s worth it. There are more Anna dresses in my future. This particular one was a birthday gift for my friend named Ana, therefore the name of this dress is Ana with just one N. I thought it was clever ;) I picked this fabric for her because she is a lover of all things cat-like, but I chose a leopard print in non leopard colors. Plus, she’s tanned and the white will look great on her. This one also has that famous split, but no pictures of the birthday girl rocking this dress yet. ;)

Anna Dress, by Hand London - Anita Boeira


2. Cute Bunting: this one came out of nowhere, I just suddenly decided I needed to make a cute bunting with fabric, opened my scrap box and picked the ones that matched and did this in a hour. Looks adorable on the fireplace, and now I want to make one for each Holiday. You can’t see from the picture, but the white triangle is a burlap with silver threads weaved in, so it’s really cute. And that turquoise/red fabric is one of my favorite pieces of scrap. I still have some left, maybe enough for a baby dress for my Etsy shop? Maybe.

Turquoise and Red Bunting, Handmade - Anita Boeira

3 & 4 Top and Dress, same fabric: I found this fabric on Etsy with a super good price, and bought 4 yards. And those 4 yards are going to/have been turned into a shirt for my mom (first picture, with the lace, a version of this New Look shirt I did a few weeks ago); a wrap dress (second picture shows it in progress, I’ve finished it today and need to photograph it for the blog!); and still have enough left that I think I can make myself a blouse with it. Either another New Look like the one I made my mom, or maybe a Belcarra blouse?

Shirt and Dress - Anita Boeira


That covers it! I can’t wait to share the finished wrap dress, though, I think it looked fantastic! And I think I’ll spend some time this weekend cutting a few new projects to sew later on. Nothing like getting most of the cutting out of the way at once.

More later!