May 2014 Recap


Wow, and then just like that May is over and we’re heading into half 2014. But then, we’re always surprised by how fast time flies, aren’t we? I’m happy to report that thanks to this recaps, I’ve been better at tracking the big moments of the year. And let’s face it, so I have an excuse to talk about TV and books. I changed the format a bit this month, I realized that I had the highlights at the end of the post, and they are highlights! Highlights come first. So here we go:

Girls Weekend in St George | Anita Boeira


I started the month right with a girls’ trip to Saint George with no goal besides lounging by a pool and tanning. Came back with a decent tan, read a few pages of this month’s book club pick (The Shipping News), and took a few cute pictures on the road. It’s pretty down there, and I had never been before, so I’m glad for the chance. Wish we had had more time to play around, but unfortunately we weren’t there long enough!

Ellie Goulding Live in SLC, May 2014

I don’t go to concerts too often anymore (old lady!) but I have been wanting to see Ellie Goulding live for quite a while now. So I was happy she played in Salt Lake City on the first of May and I got to see her for the first time. I love her music, even though it’s not the kind I usually listen to, and I love her voice and songs. She’s also so gorgeous, and I can’t help it that I spent half the concert jealous of her crop top (Ellie photos from her concert in SLC’s source).

Olympians Devin Logan and Kaitlyn Farrington and the non-olympian me.

A work highlight this month was helping in the preparation of the Olympians celebration at Westminster, and then getting to meet some of those Olympians! My job in the preparations was mostly of the graphic variety: making invitations, posters, and that sort of thing, and then also making a print out of a huge key of Sugar House for the Sugar House Chamber of Commerce to give to the olympic athletes. Yes, how cool is that? I don’t even remember who had the key idea (maybe it was me, who knows? sounds like something I’d suggest) but I had SO much fun doing it, and I even saw some comments about the key online and that made me happy. I’m not much of a fangirl when it comes to sports, but after rooting for our students in the olympics, and after having such an awesome Social Media moment in my career, I had to take a picture with them. So the photo above is from my meeting Devin Logan (silver) and Kaitlyn Farrington (gold). Cool, huh?

At the Utah Opera

Another highlight every time I go is the Opera. This month’s production by the Utah Opera was Mozart’s The Abduction from the Seraglio. I personally loved it, and was my favorite I’ve seen so far. You may remember the tales of the gold skirt I made to wear that night, and I was glad I did so, because the costumes in this play were spectacular, they deserved the audience dressed to the nines as well. If you want to see what the costuming looked like, make sure to check their Facebook post with some photos. It’s an eye feast.

And last, but not least, the pool in my complex opened on Memorial Day Weekend! Woohoo! I spent two fabulous mornings roasting my already tanned skin to new heights of tan, and cooling down in the water. All I was missing was some margaritas, but I couldn’t justify them at 9 in the morning.


Michael and I finally had to make a decision: running or crossfit. We really enjoyed doing both, but the amount of injury we were getting from doing both was making it not worth it for us to do neither. So crossfit was the logical one to let go: it costs way more money than running, and it was probably what was causing most of our injuries. It’s been two weeks since we canceled it, and so far, I can’t complain. I did really enjoy the classes, but so far, have not missed them. We are still working on our weight lifting on our own, but running has been way easier now. This past two weeks I reached two new milestones: first I ran 4.8 miles in one weekend, then the next weekend, just adding 5 minutes to my run, I ran 5.5 miles, with a 13:30 minute per mile pace. That for me is HUGE. Thanks to my allergies I have horrible lungs, so I have to do the run/walk/run strategy to keep my lungs in check, but I walk fast and keep that minute per mile rate at a decent pace. But I really can’t express how happy I was after my 5.5 mile run. I went out only hoping for a 5 mile run in 75 minutes, but the extra half was really the cherry on top. I think next weekend I might try to go for a 10k just for training purposes. July 24th will be my first race (a 10k) and I hope to be prepared and do it in a pace I’m happy with.


It’s been a while since I’ve read a book I was so excited about than Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell). As I write this post, I’m 30 pages from finishing this book, which I read in 3 days (since I’ll obviously go finish this book tonight once I’m done writing this post). It’s not a groundbreaking work of fiction, or a story with a plot so crazy (see Gone Girl) that you cannot not talk about it. It’s actually just the story of a very anti-social girl’s first year of college and her fanfiction writing. I love how nerdy it is, and how she writes this world of a girl lost in another person’s world. Some of the things she writes about Cath, the main character, hit pretty close to home when I think about my teen years (but with reading instead of writing). If you’re a nerd, if you love reading, if you read fanfiction, if you love Harry Potter, if you like YA, if you like love stories… then pick up this book. You won’t regret it.

Things I Sewed in May | Anita Boeira


I have been BUSY this month. Whew, did you keep track of how many sewing projects I posted? And what about the ones I DIDN’T post because they are gifts, therefore, still a surprise? Yup, so on top of everything else I’ve been doing, I’ve also done two projects you didn’t get to see. For myself this month I made a ruby slip, an Ice Cream dress, a gold mini skirt, and cut the beginnings of a wrap dress. For gifts, I made my mom a shirt similar to this one I made for myself, and a friend of mine said she wanted one of my Anna dresses for her birthday, so that’s what I made her (good timing too, since I’m intent on savings this year, and wouldn’t have budgeted for a good birthday gift, and in making a dress I only need to purchase fabric, and I found a good deal on the fabric I wanted for her dress, a modern leopard print that’s SO her). I think I’ll make a little bag with the left over fabric as gift wrap dress. Hmm good idea. I hope I still have time.

Wood Crafts | Anita Boeira

And for my wood crafting club (that’s what I call it) this month, I made two American flags building blocks as gifts to two friends: one for her 10th year living in the USA, and the other for a friend that just got her citizenship. I thought it was cute :) For myself, I painted a star and a popsicle and put it on the same frame as my peeps from last month. I’ve been loving those wood crafting days, it is so relaxing. I know I’m not making anything groundbreaking here by sanding and painting a block of wood someone else cut for me, but it’s still so much fun. We have lunch somewhere nice, then we spend the afternoon chatting and painting. And then I get a bunch of new art for my house, as if I had space for any more.

Oh, and in case you missed it, I also made some cool Adventure Time Quotes posters. It’s not exactly craft, but I made them myself with my very crafty brain using InDesign. So, it counts. Sort of. And I also had a DIY R2D2 from souvenir popcorn bucket to geeky vase. Which also sort of counts, cause that as DIY as I get.


And here we are, the reason why I do those recaps on the first place: TV (just kidding, but I DO love TV). May is season-finale season and let me tell you, what a gigantic disappointment all those season finales wore. Bones, bleh. Revenge, bleh. Don’t get me wrong, those are two of my favorite shows and the ones I actively follow and watch around the same week as they air, unlike everything else that I wait to watch on Netflix, like Breaking Bad (just finished all 5 seasons, WOW, I actually kind of miss it already) and Mad Men (starting season 5!). But a pleasant surprise on the season finale front was S.H.I.E.L.D., a show I only started watching because Joss Whedon was involved in it, and after Firefly and Dollhouse he deserves a hit show. But the show started and it was just meh. But I kept on at it, because Dollhouse was also very meh at the beginning and then season two was like a grenade exploding in your brain and Topher Brink and Victor were absolutely amazing characters, and who could resist Adele’s wardrobe? Anyway,  S.H.I.E.L.D. was weak through and through, and through the finale I really didn’t care about any characters (even though the show got really good after about 6 episodes in) except for the Fitz/Simmons duo. And then on the last episode, bam, the good old Joss style of story telling was back and I (and about another million people) got their hearts ripped out of their chests with that Fitz/Simmons scene (you know which one I’m talking about, no spoilers here), and Chloe’s secret weapon against Ward (did NOT see that coming, but then, so didn’t Ward). Anyway, now I can’t wait till the new season starts, or at least for Netflix to get the first season so I can binge watch my current favorite TV nerds Fitz/Simmons. Whedon family, way to go.

As I go through Sherlock, Revenge, and S.H.I.E.L.D. withdrawals (let’s face it, Bones is done for, it gets worse every season), I turn once again to Netflix for support through the summer. On my current list I have Being Human (UK) and I’m loving this show. It’s funny and dark, and full of characters you can’t help but fall in love with. Scandal made into my list after the Saint George weekend and my friends talking about watching this show, that came highly recommended by pretty much every woman on this country. So far, loving it too.


I’m not going to make this any longer than already is (May, you rocked), but just so you don’t think I skimped on movies this month in favor of TV (which I usually do), I made it to the theaters… once. I watched Jon Hamm in Million Dollar Arm because 1- Jon Hamm, and 2- Disney movie. It was a great movie, funny and cute, and all sorts of right things.