My First Vintage Purchase



For a few years I have been jealously watching bloggers and friends all over the internet sharing their amazing vintage purchases, but with nothing to share of my own. Not to say I was a victim of peer pressure, because I love vintage silhouettes, and wished I could take part in all that fun, but alas, I don’t have the body type for vintage clothing, especially from my favorite era: the 50s and 60s. Those pesky skinny ladies of the past didn’t really left anything over for a girl my size. So I settled for vintage inspired, and was fairly happy, actually.

But I still roamed through vintage shops, and one of my favorites is Sally Jane Vintage on Etsy. Which is funny, because she specializes more in 70s-90s items than the 50s, but I loved the things she curated in her shop. And then one day I saw this dress, she actually had two very similar (one was white, the other ivory, but essentially the same dress), and the price was ridiculously cheap, and miracle of miracles: it was my size. It was actually a little bit bigger (about 2 extra inches), but it’s a dress meant to be flow-y, not fitted, so it was still perfect. It arrived a month ago, but I only had the opportunity to take some pictures of it today. It was super windy and too cold for my usual happy face, but I wanted to share this beautiful dress!

vintage_dress4I’m also wearing: Guess heels (suuuuper old) | Forever 21 belt (old too) |
Handmade necklace I bought at Craft Lake City


  • I love this :) So gorgeous. I really want to start buying more vintage clothing. Mainly because I cannot find anything from the current era that remotely works for me. It’s all too short or too tight or too busty. I am definitely going to check out that Etsy shop for more ideas :) thanks for sharing!