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Wedding Dress - Anita Boeira, photo by Katie Pritchard PhotoPhoto by Katie Pritchard Photography

I have been dying to write this post up since January! I have tried to document it (read: cell phone pictures) as best as I could the process of trying out and choosing a wedding dress. You already saw the final look, but you didn’t see everything that came before finding THE ONE. My original idea was to find something that was vintage-inspired (50s or 60s), off-white, circle skirt and fitted top, knee length, sleeved, lace was a plus but not a must. Beholden obviously, had beautiful dresses that I really wanted but wasn’t willing to spend the $600-900 price tag (click through at your own risk). There was a brief period that I thought I could just make my own dress, but thankfully I didn’t do that because can you imagine the stress of that? ModCloth was the first store where I found viable options, they have an entire category for vintage wedding style. I quickly found two dresses I liked, picked the one that had sleeves and ordered it. That was back in October, and when I received the dress, I was happy with it. It fit nicely, it looked to be of nice quality, and I felt accomplished and done. “Whew, this wedding thing is eaaaasy.” I didn’t love the dress, but I was happy enough with it.

Then January rolled by, and I decided to try it on. Suddenly, I hated the sight of the thing. I put it on and found out all those things I didn’t like: the cleavage was too modest (funny enough I ended up with a top even more modest, but who’s keeping track?), the sleeves too short, the back wasn’t lined properly and showed the bra and made my back look fat, the skirt wasn’t puffy enough, AGH. That was probably the most stressful moment of the whole planning process. That day when I decided to try my dress on again. I returned immediately (for just 50% of the price because it had been over a month, whomp whomp) and was resolved to NOT buy a dress online again. Still, I ended up ordering a dress from Asos and one from Macy’s.

Wedding Dress #1 - From ModClothLove You Ivory Day Dress | ModCloth

Again, disappointment. The Asos dress was the best looking of the group, but it was still not the one, you know? I was happy enough with it, I liked the sleeves and the fact that it wasn’t too tight. The one from Macy’s was looking good in theory, but when I put it on it smelled funny and was super unflattering.

Wedding Dress Shopping - AsosAsos Skater Dress with Lace Sleeves (they also have it in RED – so pretty!) | ASOS

Wedding Dress Shopping - Macy'sThis one is sold out | Similar Dresses at Macy’s

The next day I gave up this internet business for good and hit up the City Creek mall after a little white dress. In January. Not surprisingly, almost no store had anything in white. I ended up trying two dresses at Nordstrom, one that made me look like I was a flower girl, and a flapper inspired dress that I absolutely loved (the price was awesome too), but after much thinking back and forth I ended up not getting it. But I only didn’t get it because on my way to buy it, I found the HALF-ONE! Yes, I’m calling the lace shirt the half-one.

Wedding Dress Shopping - FlapperYes, I loved loved this dress. It wasn’t a wedding dress, but I wish I had bought it anyway.

Wedding Dress Shopping - MehThis one was just too short. I felt like a flower girl.

Of course, in the meantime I had ordered an Anthropologie dress that looked amazing on the catalog, but once I got it at home, it was just too casual looking. That dress could have been much improved by a higher neckline and a shorter or longer sleeve. Then it would have been an amazing wedding dress (but not as amazing as the one I ended up with).

Wedding Dress - From AnthropologieIvoire Dress | Anthropologie

Next was to find a skirt that would go with it. So I ordered a cream pleated skirt from Asos and a tulle skirt from Etsy. Completely different looks, and fingers crossed at least one of them would work. And one of them did. Deep breath, you made it. It was absolutely perfect. And it looked even better when I had the proper layers under it (and not a black sports bra) and my hair done. I looked like a doll, and I was happy.

Wedding Dress Shopping: Picking a Skirt

And there you have it! That was my wedding dress shopping experience. The shoes were a much easier decision, thankfully! I had them picked from the moment we decided we were getting married.

  • Tan

    I didn’t know you were engaged. Congrats!
    Wedding dress shopping is kind of the worst…until you find the one.
    Let’s just say I ended up with two wedding dresses, and 3 years later I’m still trying to sell the one I didn’t wear

  • anitaboeira

    Engaged and married :P It was an elopement, so I wasn’t talking plans about it online hehehe.

    Two days before the wedding I was at Macy’s and saw a cute white dress, grabbed to try it on, and halfway there told myself to just stop, I did not need another dress, I was happy with the one I had settled with :P Wedding dress shopping is hard!

  • Tan

    Ahhhh Anita congratulations!!! I’m so excited for you! <3

  • anitaboeira

    Thank you!! :D

  • I love that you shared your process with all of us :) I know that shopping for the dress is one of the hardest parts of planning the wedding. Honestly, that is what everyone is waiting to see: the dress. And I absolutely love that you went with a vintage inspired look.

    When I bought my dress, I hadn’t even really planned on buying it. One day my mom and I were driving through a small town and saw that a bridal boutique was going out of business. We stopped in just to see how their prices were, and they were FANTASTIC. I ended up buying 2 dresses, a veil, and a pair of comfy flippy floppies for $600. I had planned on wearing one dress for the ceremony in Connecticut, and then another for the reception back in Minnesota.

    I eventually decided I didn’t want to deal with the fuss of traveling with a huge fluffy wedding dress. I purchased a very simple knee length dress from dressbarn for the ceremony in Connecticut, and then the dress in my Facebook pictures was the dress I wore for the official photo shoot and wedding reception. Needless to say I still have a big ass fluffy wedding dress at my in-laws house that needs to be sold lol

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  • anitaboeira

    Ohh how weird that I only got the notification for your comment today! I love your wedding dresses, they are so cute! And I feel a little better now about not being the only one that ended up with 3 wedding dresses in her closet :) Must be more common than we think! At least I managed to return all of the ones I didn’t wear (and to think I almost brought a back up dress to California! crazy).