Wedding Inspiration Board – Dark Blue & Stars


Honestly, when we started planning our wedding Michael and I didn’t have a color palette in mind, or a theme, or anything. Our thought process was: we’re eloping, there’s no decor, no guests, no wedding party, so what’s the point of having a theme and wedding colors? So we decided to just not have one. But it seems like the universe was set on us actually having one, so we did end up with an unofficial theme and color palette because of our elopement venue and the first two things I bought for us to wear.

Griffith Observatory

We had a trip to Disneyland planned for April 2013 that we had to cancel for some reason or another, and transferred to April 2014. When we started talking about getting married I suggested: why don’t we elope while we’re in Southern California for our Disneyland trip? We’re already planning for it anyway, and it would be fun to get married while on a vacation to somewhere relatively warmer. But we’re not beach people and a Disneyland wedding would not be something Mike would relate to, so I had absolutely no idea where to. I just wanted a mountain and a pretty view, because that was our style. Cue in Liz Coopersmith, our wedding officiant. I called her to hire her and as we talked, I honestly told her I had no idea where to have the ceremony. I was okay with a courthouse ceremony, but no courthouse looked really good. So she suggested the Griffith Observatory, and I immediately knew it was the perfect place. Mike and I had visited it on our first trip together to SoCal and we both really fell in love with the idea. Of course technically you can’t really book the observatory for a wedding, but then, our wedding didn’t really fit the kind of place where you had to book a room to make it happen. And that’s how we ended up with our unofficial theme: stars.

Dark Blue tie and Light Blue Shoes(tie picture is not actual tie) + Raspberry Shoes, Mel by Melissa (other colors available here)

The color palette evolved from the first two things I bought for us to wear: a navy blue tie for Michael and a light blue pair of heels from Mel by Melissa with a big red heart in front. From there, I worked the rest: silver because our rings were silver-colored, and ivory because it’s a more flattering color than white on my skin. And really, aren’t those the perfect colors for an unofficially star-themed wedding? So here’s a glimpse of some of my unofficial inspiration board:

Starry Night, Dark Blue and Silver wedding inspiration board

“To Telescope” Photo | “Under the Stars” Save the Date |
Wedding Dress No Source | Star Hair Comb |
| Dark Blue Tie from Express (sold out) | Debbie Carlisle brooch bouquet |
| Silver Stars Cake Topper | Hair Inspiration |
| Midnight Golden Star Necklace – I still really want to buy this necklace |
Color Palette:
Navy Blue | Light Blue | Ivory | Silver | Red

You can also check out my Pinterest board with all my inspiration images.


I have plenty more wedding details to share soon! I figured I started with the basics, even though it’s funny to start with an inspiration board when so much of our wedding was untraditional and just going with the flow… But this is where a regular wedding would have started at, I suppose. But I can’t wait to share more details, so keep an eye out for them!

Also, I need help with photo captions. I haven’t really gotten any photos yet, but I want to get some star and space quotes and puns ready to go. Yes, cheesy is the watchword. Do you know any good stars quotes/puns? Share in the comments!

  • Love the save the date cards! So darling!

  • MoxieBride

    I cannot wait to see all the details! I love the Observatory, and it’s just perfect and so romantic for an elopement!

  • JDiGi

    love absolutely everything about this post, you have great taste!! xo, jess

  • anitaboeira

    I love the Save the Date too! I wonder if I can custom order it as an announcement, since I never did save the dates or invites :)

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    Thank you! :P=)

  • anitaboeira

    It was so beautiful!! Sigh :)