Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy


I watched the British mini series Lost in Austen, and during two thirds of it, I was sure that this would be the Mr. Darcy I would finally despise. Because, after all these years, there must be an incarnation of Mr. Darcy that is less than ideal. But nope, no luck, by the end, I was just as in love with this version of Mr. Darcy as I have been with all the others. So I decided to indulge myself, and my fellow Austenites, and share some of the best incarnations of Mr. Darcy. I was going to make a top 5 of them, but I couldn’t decide in which order they’d come, so I decided to ask you all for help. Which Mr. Darcy is THE Mr. Darcy.

Here are the contenders:


Colin Firth, Pride and Prejudice, 1995 BBC mini series

Colin Firth definitely brought the sexy back to Mr. Darcy. There is no denial that he is the strongest contender for THE Mr. Darcy. The BBC miniseries definitely wins for the best actress to ever portray Elizabeth Bennet (IMHO of course), and the wet-shirt scene has inspired many rewinds. And bonus: Colin Firth reprised his Mr. Darcy role in Bridget Jones, a modern-day Pride and Prejudice, as Mark Darcy.


Matthew MacFayden, Pride and Prejudice, 2005 movie

As a whole show, the 2005 movie with Keira Knightley is far from  beating the BBC tv show, but MacFayden’s Darcy and the absolutely gorgeous photography of this movie, made this title into a must-watch. Speaking of wet Mr. Darcy, MacFayden does not dive into a pond, but he gets drenched in the rain as he confesses his love (with puppy eyes!) to Elizabeth Bennet. Now, tell me if that scene just didn’t melt your heart?


Elliot Cowan, Lost in Austen,, 2008 mini series

Here’s another Mr. Darcy that dives into a pond, but this one does it upon request. Which, kind of make it hilarious to just see him standing there, dripping, with a poker face. Oh, as a side note, this show had the first Wickham I enjoyed, he was very adorable. But Elliot Cowan’s Mr. Darcy, as I said above, had a left to be desired. His perpetual face of disdain was a turn off, but if you have seen the show, you might have found out that once he smiled, it was a completely different game. So, I guess he is not a very strong contender for THE Mr. Darcy, but he deserved an honorable mention.


JJ Feild, Austenland, 2013 movie

You could argue he is technically not Mr. Darcy, but he is playing the Mr. Darcy character in this novel-turned-movie that is set to mimic the world of Austen (fun book). And sadly, for us, he does not dive into a pond (which, by the way, never actually happened on the book. But I didn’t need to tell you all that, right?). This does put JJ in a disadvantage, though, because now we have no photo to compare him to the other Mr. Darcys.

So, will you help me choose THE Mr. Darcy? Vote in the comments!

  • Alisha U.

    Definitely Colin Firth.

  • Naiana Sa

    Colin wins, but I love all the first three…

  • Marcelle Machado

    Colin FTW

  • romina

    colin firth. i will give honorable mention to jj feild. i thought he was pretty adorable.

  • Nicki Lewis

    Colin Firth would be my pic

  • Renee

    Colin Firth is the only Mark Darcy I will ever love. Ever.

  • Jessica Fiorillo

    I don’t know, I think Matthew Macfayden is hot in a sexy ugly kind of way.

  • anitaboeira

    The more people vote for Colin, the more I think MacFayden is a pretty good Darcy… :P

  • IdlewildAlaska.com

    Colin Firth all the way, although Matthew MacFayden grows on me every time I watch it :)

  • Om Livin’

    Loved this post!! <3 <3 I have 3 Mr Darcy quotes printed & framed randomly throughout my home! ahhh he's soooo dreamy!! I have to go with Matthew MacFayden…I just love his & Kira Knightly chemistry! Not to mention he has that puppy dog look on lock down! Thank you for the great pictures & making my fiancé understand that it's not just ME who has this love for Mr Darcy! hehe

  • Chasiesmommy

    I’ve only ever seen the one with Colin Firth so he’d have to be my pick .. plus like you said, he was the modern Mr. Darcy in Bridget Jones as well. (Bonus Mr. Darcy) I feel like he looks like he could be pretentious & self absorbed enough for newbies to dislike him & then realize how adorable he actually is once they see the real him. I think that’s the point, right? To go into it expecting not to like him just as Elizabeth did & then fall in love with him. Like I said, only ever seen the one, but I have a hard time imagining the others looking quite as smitten & vulnerable. Guess I’ll have to catch up on my P&P movies.

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