Trip Diary part1 – Las Vegas



It’s been two weeks since I’ve landed back in SLC from a 12 day road trip that started in Las Vegas, NV, and ended in San Francisco, CA. I met up with my friends from Brazil and we had a pretty awesome time driving around. Since it was a fairly long trip, I’ll just split each stop into its own post (it will give me some time to edit everything too) with my favorite things from each stop, and some photos!

I’ve been to Vegas plenty of times. It’s only 6 hours away from SLC, easy to go for a weekend and relax by the pool. I’m not into gambling or partying, so if you feel like Vegas is an odd choice for me, I’d understand. But I actually do enjoy going to Vegas. The pools would of course be the reason number one for that. A book, friends, a fruity drink, and I’m a happy girl. I also love Cirque du Soleil. They have a gazillion Cirque shows in Sin City, and I’ve been to three so far. This last time, we watched Mystere, the longest running Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas. I still need to go back to watch Love (inspired by the Beatles) and Ka (I heard it’s the best one).

My other favorite places to take people when they visit Vegas are:

  • The Venetian
  • Photo by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign
  • The Bellagio


I think I’ve been to Vegas 8 times at this point. But there’s still plenty I haven’t done. I still need to go back for the neon museum (they have some weird hours and rules), a few other Cirque shows, and some more pool time. I just won’t go back between May and August, because I can’t handle that much heat, no matter how many Margaritas I get.

Next up: Los Angeles

  • chrliechaz

    The neon museum? I haven’t heard of that. You also have to visit the Mob Museum. That is epic.

  • anitaboeira

    Oh Jen! You gotta check it out: