5 Year Anniversary Shoot – Bonneville Salt Flats



Mike and I have a tradition: every year around our anniversary we go out and do a photoshoot. Nothing fancy, just the two of us, a camera, tripod, and remote control (check out 3 years, 2 years + 1 year, and a new year’s eve shoot). Granted, the plan for our shoot last year was to go to the Salt Flats, but some bad weather and bad planning on our part, and we ended up 2012 without a shoot. No worries, this year we compensated with some extra awesome pictures.






And after driving 2 hours to take those pictures, we decided to drive a couple more minutes to check out Wendover in NV. I had never been and wasn’t particularly impressed either. But it was a fun adventure for our Saturday.

  • Adina Marguerite

    Awesome! We actually do the same thing! We plan an adventure day and make sure we take a picture of ourselves somewhere new to us each time. Headed out this upcoming weekend for our 3rd wedding/4th engagement anniversary.

  • anitaboeira

    That’s awesome!! It’s a fun tradition, and I love looking at the pictures we take :) I have a bunch hanging around the house!

  • chrliechaz

    Gorgeous! Perfect colors for the landscape, and I ADORE your dress.

  • Carrie Plastow

    I first saw these when you posted them awhile back, but I was too sick to type. Since then I’ve wanted to come back and tell you – these are gorgeous! I absolutely love the styling on them! If my husband and I could pull it off, I would totally hire you take recreate these for us. Love them!!

  • anitaboeira

    Thank you, Carrie! I hope you’re feeling better! And why wouldn’t you think you and your husband can’t pull it off? Don’t be silly. :) Of course you can! You guys would look great in those colors! That turquoise seems to be very flattering for all skin-tones! Plus, we did it with stuff we had in our close, which is always my goal :)