Life Lately


Yes, I’m guilty of abandoning my blog and online life in exchange of a few weekends busy with living. Besides teaching at Westminster on Saturday mornings, Michael and I are trying to be more active (we’re nerds, we basically spend all our time in front of screens), so we’ve been hiking every weekend. And the plot twist? I’m not even taking my nice camera when I go hiking, that’s how committed I am to enjoying the hike.

Well… Even though I AM leaving my DSLR at home, I still have my cell phone with me. And I can’t help it if I’m lucky to live in a place with such beautiful scenery, that even a crappy cell phone camera can do a pretty good job in showing how beautiful everything is. So here are some of the sights I’ve seen this past few weeks:



What else is new? I got a new hair color (Well, not new… I’ve had red hair before, I just haven’t had red hair in a while now); I started volunteering at Best Friends Animal Society (they have the cutest, prettiest, nicest, most perfect cats ever. And yes, they have cute dogs too, but I’m just crazy for the kittens); I went to see the movie Austenland (twice… yes, it’s really good); I took a French macaron class at Les Madeleines (will need to start practicing them ASAP); enjoyed the sights in Downtown SLC; and wore cute outfits… Well, here’s a visual summary:


  • Adina Marguerite

    Good for you two for getting out and not bringing the fancy camera!