One Week of Outfits I Sewed

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I have been sewing clothes for over a year now, and have quite a small collection of cute pieces made by me. I decided this week to challenge myself to wear things I sewed every day this week, culminating with my newest sewing project on Friday. It has been so much fun learning how to sew clothes, and seeing how much better I’m getting with every new garment. I still have a LOT to learn, but so far, I am really happy with my creations. Here’s what I wore this week:


So on Monday, the skirt I’m wearing is one of the first skirts I ever sew. It was actually the second one, and the first I made using a pattern. It’s a simple circle skirt, but it dresses very well. With the skirt, I’m wearing a Forever 21 basic t-shirt, the necklace is one of my favorites, and it’s from a-thread, and the flats are from the Mel for Melissa and Forever 21 collaboration. On Tuesday I wore my camera dress (seen here once before) with my Ray-Ban sunglasses, an eBay necklace, a very old and favorite Forever 21 dress, and another Mel for Melissa and Forever 21 collaboration on my feet. Wednesday was the day to double the DIY outfit: both the skirt and shirt were made by me! The skirt was a project from earlier this year, and the shirt was my attempt at making a fitted button-down shirt. It turned out pretty well, except that I can’t figure out how to make button holes, so I have some snap-ons instead, and that’s just not classy. On my feet, I’m wearing, you guessed it! More Forever 21 shoes. Thursday saw me in a very casual-Friday look, with my Team Christy shirt (I designed the print! It was for my friend’s book release, The Predicteds). The skirt is another oldie, a mini I did last year with only one yard of fabric that was originally intended for some throw pillows. When my mom saw this skirt, she didn’t think I could match it with anything, so every time I do wear it, I try to wear it with something different just to prove her wrong :) On my feet… yes, another Mel for Melissa and Forever 21 collaboration. I love those shoes (buy them all here).


And here’s my latest completed sewing project! Isn’t it just amazing? The patter is Butterick 5748, a 60s inspired dress. I got this fabric on sale at Hancock’s Fabrics just this weekend, and it was perfect for this project. When I saw it sitting there on the 50% off pile, I instantly remembered a skirt/crop top combo Jessica Quirk from What I Wore made not long ago. Circle skirts are just a ton of fun, and to make this outfit even more fun, I wore it with a Leg Avenue Mid Length Petticoat. I’m also wearing an Asos bow belt, Guess heels, and a Cookie Lee necklace that my friend Mindy sells. I got a few more shots of this dress to share, enjoy:


  • Jenn Mitchell

    Impressive, friend! I love it. You look BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • anitaboeira

    Thank you! This dress is a bit too much, but it’s so much fun! :)

  • chrliechaz

    Your Betty dress looks amazing! I’m so impressed!


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