Gray Lace Belcarra Blouse


Gray Lace Belcarra Blouse | Sew Anita

If you are thinking “oh my god, did she make ANOTHER Belcarra blouse?” then you are right. I did. But let me remind you that last time I made one, I also told you that this is one of my favorite patterns ever. I LOVE it. It’s so easy to whip one up, it’s great to get rid of scraps from other projects, and it just looks good, okay. I had this great gray shirting fabric left over from my birthday gift to Michael, and some lace left over from another project, and suddenly they just called to each other and I had to make them into something together. I didn’t have enough lace for a full blouse, but I had enough for some details.

I cut all the pieces of the pattern in the gray shirting, then I cut the lacc pieces and basted them together to the fabric, so it wouldn’t be see through. The pocket I didn’t baste together the two pieces of fabric because the lace doesn’t iron well (it melts), and I needed to press it to make its shape. So I pressed the pocket, then just placed the lace over it. Took some adjusting, but I made it work. I like the finished shirt, but I think the pocket makes it look really casual. That’s why I’m wearing it with some very casual shorts in those pictures. I’ll probably won’t be adding pockets to future versions of this shirt, unless I have a really good idea (never say never, right?).

I’ll keep this short since it’s not my first time doing and sharing the Belcarra, but I hope you enjoy this new version of it.

Gray Lace Belcarra Blouse | Sew Anita Gray Lace Belcarra Blouse | Sew Anita


Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes: Fail


Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes | Sew Anita

What is up with me and shorts that we just cannot get along? My last project that I considered a quasi-complete fail was a pair of shorts (which I saved by wearing it to golf). But this pair? It has no salvation because I MADE IT TOO SMALL. DAMN IT. I followed the instructions and cut the size indicated, but it ended up being so tight, not even Spanx can save it. It’s just way too small. And it rides up uncomfortably. That’s why you only get those few pictures.

I don’t blame it on the pattern maker at all, it’s just that, I don’t usually have a problem with patterns being too small, it’s usually the other way around… I usually need to take stuff in. Anyway, other than that, this was pretty fun and easy to make. The fabric is a rayon challis and it was a little bit on the slippery side, but I can manage it.

I’ll try again, on a bigger size, once summer is on the horizon again. For now, this is going to my scrap pile. Sigh,

Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes | Sew Anita Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes | Sew Anita


By Hand London: Anna and Charlotte Set


Anna + Charlotte, By Hand London | Sew Anita

Talk about an exciting make! I bought this fabric for a By Hand London Charlotte skirt and was terrified I didn’t have enough fabric to make this skirt. I even decided to skip the peplum part (which I was going to put at the bottom) because I didn’t think I had enough fabric, but in the end I did. After cutting all pieces for the Charlotte skirt and seeing how much fabric I had left, I was very tempted to turn this into an Annalotte (where you pair the Anna dress top with the skirt into a super fancy dress—see exhibit 1, exhibit 2, and exhibit 3), but in the end, I decided I really wanted just a pencil skirt, because I can get a lot more use out of it. But this didn’t stop me from rationalizing I might as well do a crop top with the Anna top pattern in the same fabric. I KNOW. MIND BLOWN.

Here’s the thing, I’m pretty happy with my body and all, but I am very aware I don’t have the body type of a girl that wears crop tops. And to be clear, that does not bug me, and the crop top trend is not one that I think I’d get into even if I had a super skinny body. But anyway, I thought this time it was worth the attempt. As long as the amount of midriff being bared is not too much, and as long as the bottom reaches all the way over my bellybutton, I should be fine. So I grabbed the Anna top and just extended a couple of inches in the front, and some extra inches in the back (so it wouldn’t bare anything where I can’t see it to control it). And when it was all finished… MAGIC (I might be abusing of the caps lock, but damn, I’m that excited about this set).

So now I have a crop top + pencil skirt set and it’s HOT. I’m in love with it, all together, or separate. I want to wear it for my birthday, but I still have to wait a month and a half for it, so go on and find me an occasion to wear this sooner, cause I’m not sure I can wait till mid October.

Anna + Charlotte, By Hand London | Sew Anita

Construction wise this was a total piece of cake. Seriously, I finished this in half a day. Actually, I had to stop because I didn’t have a zipper for the top, but I was pretty much done. This fabric is denim with a bit of stretch, so really the perfect pair with a pencil skirt without a flap and a tight-ish crop top. This skirt is ridiculously easy to make, by the way, so if you’re looking for a pencil skirt that’s easy to make and super flattering, this one is the one. I had to chop off 3 inches of the hem though, because it was way too long for my short body, but I’m happy with the current length. And I am happy I didn’t add the peplum, it would have been way too much for this print. The Anna top was no mystery either, I’ve already sewn the dress so many times. The only thing different I made was to add those extra inches at the bottom, and the zipper zips from the bottom up, because otherwise it wouldn’t have gone through my head. But it works now.

Anna + Charlotte, By Hand London | Sew Anita Anna + Charlotte, By Hand London | Sew Anita
Anna + Charlotte, By Hand London | Sew Anita

Anna + Charlotte, By Hand London | Sew Anita

I had to add a close up of my awesome manicure, done just to look bad ass with this outfit. Yes, really, I did my nails in black just so it would look good for the outfit pictures. And in the meantime, you can also admire this print up close. What a happy skull. I can’t help but think of Frida Kahlo when I look at it, maybe that’s what she’d look like as a skeleton. I have no way of knowing for sure, though.

And next, I took some pictures of the pieces separately, so you can see another idea for how to wear the set. The pencil skirt is easy and it will get out of the wardrobe often, the top I’m more worried about. I don’t have a lot of skirts or pants with a high-enough waist, but I’m willing to try. I love how the top looks with the pleated skirt and my heart shoes, I thought it would be a great outfit to go out on a date or a girls night out. And the pencil skirt outfit is perfectly acceptable for the work day.

Next, some more photos because YES I WAS THAT EXCITED ABOUT THIS OUTFIT. And tons of good photos followed. PS: no phothoshop was used on those photos. That’s how flattering those outfits (above and below) are.

Anna + Charlotte, By Hand London | Sew Anita

Charlotte Skirt, by hand London | Sew Anita Charlotte Skirt, by hand London | Sew Anita Charlotte Skirt, by hand London | Sew Anita

Anna Crop Top, by Hand London | Sew Anita Anna Crop Top, by Hand London | Sew Anita Anna Crop Top, by Hand London | Sew Anita



Sewing with Knits, Part 2: The Moneta Dress


Colette Patterns Moneta | Sew Anita

As soon as I finished my Mabel skirt I immediately went online to the Colette Patterns website and ordered their other pattern for knits, the Moneta. The Mabel was so easy and such a pleasure to sew, I was confident to try something a little bit more complicated. And I was hoarding this knit fabric for a few months already, just waiting till an appropriate time to cut into it and make a dress. It looks very simple on the photos, but it actually has silver glitter sprinkled all over. It’s just hard to photograph it outside, in the sun. But it’s there, trust me.

Anyway, not much to say about making this. It was super easy. I think I whipped almost all of it on a night, then finished up the next night. I didn’t follow the instructions completely, I didn’t add lining to the top, so I added a t-shirt style finish to the collar, and the step where you have to create the gathers with clear elastic was a total nightmare, so I gave up and just made gathers the usual way. So that’s how I ended up doing it so fast. It fits nicely, but it does show absolutely everything in terms of muffin tops and other body pastries. It’s a shame.

It’s a basic and simple dress, and I’m pretty happy with it! I think I need to make another one with a short sleeve and maybe a fun print, but I’ll save it for summer time. For now, this one will work nicely.

Colette Patterns Moneta | Sew Anita Colette Patterns Moneta | Sew Anita Colette Patterns Moneta | Sew Anita


New Baby Dresses on Sew Anita Etsy Shop


The Sew Anita Baby Dress Shop on Etsy has been restocked! Head over there to check out some very cute little creations for the baby girls in your life. Sizes range from newborn through 6 months old, and there’s something for everyone’s taste and budget! And all dresses have been thoroughly inspected and approved by teddy bears. See proof below:

Handmade Baby Dress | Sew Anita

Handmade Baby Dress | Sew Anita Handmade Baby Dress | Sew Anita Handmade Baby Dress | Sew Anita Handmade Baby Dress | Sew Anita Handmade Baby Dress | Sew Anita Handmade Baby Dress | Sew Anita Handmade Baby Dress | Sew Anita Handmade Baby Dress | Sew Anita Handmade Baby Dress | Sew Anita

Freebie | Sew Anita


All dresses on my shop will also come with this cute little postcard I have designed especially for the parents. You can see below a little behind the scenes of packaging. This pink chevron dress is going to a very special lady in Germany.

Packaging | Sew Anita


Cutting Table #3 – Fall Edition


A month has gone by since I last wrote about what I have coming up next in terms of sewing projects. Believe it or not, I did not intend to finish all projects in a month, it just so happened this way. So as I wrap everything up for August, it’s time to start planning what I’ll be making in September and October. The focus this next month is definitely on Fall wardrobe, as the temperature drops, I’ll need less summer dresses and more warm clothes and separates. So here’s what I have on deck:

Cutting Table #3 Fall Edition | Sew AnitaNot one, but TWO new Belcarra blouses. It’s such a great pattern, I’ve already  made it a couple of times (see version 1 here and version 2 here). I bought that bicycle fabric thinking it was going to be a knit, but it isn’t. Either way, I was planning on making a top from it, since I only ordered 1 yard, and the Belcarra is such a great top for this kind of fabric. I’m thinking in pairing it with a white fabric for the cuffs, but might change my mind. White gets so dirty… The other Belcarra I’m making is with some leftovers of past projects: the gray shirting is from the shirt I sewed Michael for his birthday, and the lace I bought for the Ruby Slip a few months ago. You can see I already got started on it, and have the front piece already put together.

Cutting Table #3 Fall Edition | Sew Anita

I am excited for this one because I found this fabric on Hanconck’s the other day and felt in love with it. Madly. It’s a denim with a bit of a stretch, and I thought it would pair wonderfully with the Charlotte Skirt from By Hand London that I just got in the mail.


Cutting Table #3 Fall Edition | Sew Anita

Speaking of pencil skirts, I can always use some more on my wardrobe. I found this velveteen leopard print fabric on a remainders bin at Hancock, and bought it for a couple of dollars. I think I have just enough to make that pencil skirt from Butterick, probably view B (the purple one in the drawings). And then I think I’ll use the leftover of my fail shorts fabric to make a black skirt with this Simplicity pattern I’ve already used a couple of times (most recently on that golden miniskirt I made for the opera).

Cutting Table #3 Fall Edition | Sew Anita

I’ve been meaning to sew this one for a really long time now. I don’t remember where I got this fabric from, but it’s a rayon challis. Those culottes are great because they have such a great drape, they look like a skirt, and not shorts. They should be great for the last few days of warm weather we’ll still get before winter settles in.

Cutting Table #3 Fall Edition | Sew Anita

I had to do a close up on this one, because it’s already mostly done! Shhh I know. I just couldn’t wait. As soon as I got this pattern on the mail I got started on this dress. The Moneta dress has everything to be as easy as the Mabel Pencil Skirt I did a couple of weeks ago. The fabric looks simple enough, but it has glitter all over it! Kind of hard to photograph, but I’ll try! I’m making version 3 of this, with the elbow-length sleeves.

Cutting Table #3 Fall Edition | Sew Anita

I love chambray shirts and I could use a new one on my wardrobe, especially one made in a fabric a little thicker than the one I currently own. I’m also a big fan of dark denim, so I thought this one would be perfect. I picked this pattern because of the possibility of making contrast collar, but so far, I think I’ll keep this one simple, and save the contrast for a next version.


Cutting Table #3 Fall Edition | Sew Anita

My friend Shalese went to Africa and came back with some really cool fabrics. I get to share in the bounty a little, and I picked this blue ikat to make a skirt. I’m thinking if making it into this one, the longer version, but I’m not 100% decided on it yet. Maybe something more simples would be better? I don’t know!


Cutting Table #3 Fall Edition | Sew Anita

This is another fabric my friend brought from Africa (Kenya, to be specific). It’s a lovely wax cotton with that border print, and I thought I’d make myself this New Look shirt. I’ve already made a few of those before, and I know it’s easy enough. I think those prints deserve to be showcased in all their glory, so a simple cut would work best. I think I’ll make the yoke in the green border, and the rest with the blue fabric. I hope it works!

What about you? What do you have on your craft to-do list?


August 2014 Recap


Wow, since the year started, August was the first month I was so incredibly busy, I completely forgot to write my recap till today… September 1st. But I remember just on the nick of time. I love writing those recaps,they are mostly for myself, unlike the rest of my blog with which I’m happy and eager to share. The recaps are a way for me to, at the end of the year, look back on everything that happened in 2014. I tend to forget stuff pretty easy. So here it is, August 2014 in a nutshell:

August 2014 Recap | Sew Anita

I traveled some more:

I rarely ever traveled around summertime, I’m much more likely to travel around Spring/Fall when the weather is cooler, but this year was the exception. I logged one trip (even two day trips count, okay?) a month from May-August. The rest of the year is not looking this busy, though, but I’m glad to say I thoroughly enjoyed this summer. And considering how busy I’ve been at work this season, the travels all came at really good times. August’s trip was to Las Vegas, where Ana, Heymi, and I watched Britney Spears live, and spent many hours by the pool.

I continued to run:

In July I ran my first official race, and then in August I gave myself a break. I didn’t stop running at all, but I changed my routine a bit. I’m running 2 miles twice a week, and my long run on the weekend started with a 3 mile run (quick and easy), followed by a 4 mile run the next week, and yesterday I logged 5.2 miles in one hour and fifteen minutes. My pace is still not something to call home about, but I’m definitely feeling the improvement. Especially because I’m not in excruciating pain at the end of my runs. Next weekend I’m going for 6 miles, and if it all works out nicely, the week after I’ll try for 7… Wish me luck.

August 2014 Recap, Things I've made | Sew Anita

I made even more things:

The reason why I even remembered to write this recap is because I sat to write my “cutting table” for September post, and realized I haven’t written my August recap yet. So I’m writing this, and as soon as I’m done I’ll work on my cutting table picks for what I’ll be sewing in September. I was extremely productive in August, and you’ll notice that I made everything I set out to make in August. Hooray! Me, sticking to a plan I self imposed on myself? Rarely happens. Especially with creative things where my brain is usually working a few years ahead of the rest of my body. Anyway, August was great for sewing. I added to my wardrobe 3 dresses (another Anna that’s perfect for Fall, a beautiful polka dot mint dress, and an ombre dress that’s a killer), another Belcarra top (best pattern ever, seriously), I fixed up a t-shirt that was too big for me, and I made a knit skirt that I was pretty proud of. I also made Michael a shirt for his birthday (unblogged) and I have enough material left over for another shirt for myself… Yes, we’re so going to match!

August 2014 Recap | Sew Anita

Celebrated Mike’s 30th:

If you follow me, you might have seen it on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago, but Michael turned 30, and I thought it would be awesome to celebrate it as if he had just turned 3. Zeros are such dramatic numbers, anyway. So I made chocolate cake, frosted (it tasted good, even if it didn’t look as amazing as the photo of the recipe I made this cake from), and added dinosaurs on top. I also made some buntings for decorations, used up an entire roll of that green paper thing, and brought up some other silly things to finish it up. There really wasn’t a real theme here, just silliness. I also gave him his birthday gift, that shirt I sewed myself and that it was pretty much awesome, and a skateboard. The skateboard was a total hit. That gift was to celebrate the 15 year old in him. :)

How was your month of August?


Dream Vacation | Around the World in 5 Disney Parks


Disneyland | Disney Around the World Trip Plan by Anita Boeira

I was just sitting on my sewing room, idly looking through my blog reader feed this afternoon, and then this idea came to my head: a vacation where I got to visit all Disney Parks in the world. Yes, it would be kind of sad to miss visiting the countries where all the Disney Parks are, but at the same time, how cool it would be to visit all 5 in one swoop and get to see all the differences and have your picture taken in front of all 5 castles? Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll ever do this, but maybe anyone interested should leave their name and email address in the comments and we can start saving/planning on this tour together.

Here’s my idea for an 3-week itinerary (take into consideration I have not looked at plane times or anything of the sort, this is just dreaming for now):

DAY 01 – Travel to Tokyo from LA

DAY 02 – Arrive in Tokyo and rest/adjust to new time

Day 03 – Disneyland Tokyo

Day 04 – Disney Sea

Day 05 – Disneyland Tokyo and Disney Sea (I’ve heard Disney Tokyo is the best, so an extra day is a must)

Day 06 – Travel to Hong Kong from Tokyo

Day 07 – Disneyland Hong Kong

Day 08 – DHK again, because they only have one park, and it feels mean to just stay a day.

Day 09 – Travel to Paris from Hong Kong

Day 10 – Disneyland Park

Day 11 – Walt Disney Studios

Day 12 – Travel to Orlando from Paris

Day 13 – Magic Kingdom

Day 14 – Hollywood Studios

Day 15 – Epcot

Day 16 – Animal Kingdom

Day 17 – Travel to LA from Orlando

Day 18 – Disneyland

Day 19 – Disney California Adventure

Day 20 – GO HOME (take a day off before going back to work too)

Disney Tokyo | Disney Around the World Trip Plan by Anita Boeira | Photo by No Model LadyPhoto: No Model Lady

Budget Estimate

This cost estimate is just an idea. I am throwing numbers out to try to figure out how much I’d need to save before attempting this (think of all the miles you can get with this!). I chose Disney hotels too, that may increase the overall cost of the trip, but it would only add to the experience of the theme of the trip. The cost is also based on 2 adults sharing a room. I also thought to include at least one character meal in each of the city stops. And we got to take into consideration prices change, you can get discounts, you can use miles, etc… So the cost is just a guideline for savings, not a final price :)

Flights: The most expensive leg of this trip would be Paris to Orlando, everything else was below $600 per one-way flight. So the Hong Kong-Paris would be a great one to use miles and save $2,000 off the final price. Either way, the total I calculated for flights (all coach, and all off season) would be: $3,500

Hotels: All Disney hotels, value option when available. $3,650 total (ouch!). BUT, that’s the price for two people, so you split that in half with whoever you are sharing your room with, and then it’s $1,825.

Park Tickets: Each park has a different price, some are better deals than others. But after making the math, it would be: $875

Food: I am a cheap eater and won’t go for the fancy restaurants, so I think a $10-$15/meal would be sufficient. So about $60/day, $1,200 total. But I’m adding in a character meal per city, and I’m just averaging that those would be about $50 per meal, so an extra $250 for character meals, making our new total for food $1750 (maybe I should bring some protein bars…).

Transportation to and from airport: $100 per city. But Disneyland and Disney World offer airport transfers for free (yay!). Total: $300.

Spending money: This is for extra stuff to buy, souvenirs, etc. I’d give myself a max of $300 per city, but I am not someone who usually buys a ton of souvenirs, to I’ll probably underspend. Either way, it’s good to have a number to budget. Also, sometimes you have expenses you didn’t plan for, and this would come out of my spending money budget as well. $1,500 total.

ESTIMATED TOTAL: $8,000/person

Disney Paris | Disney Around the World Trip Plan by Anita Boeira | Photo by Andy Torres Style ScrapbookPhoto: Andy Torres / Style Scrapbook

Eek, that’s a lot of money to save, might have to go ask my boss for a raise on Monday! But, to be fair, it’s not as much as I expected, and I’m sure there’s a lot of room to find ways to save and bring this price down. For example, using miles on the Paris-Orlando trip, as I suggested above, cutting down a day in Hong Kong and Tokyo each, staying on non-Disney hotels, etc.

So, who’s in? Who wants to attempt to do this crazy around the world tour with me? Needs to be before Disney has time to open a 6th park, or I’ll need to take an entire month off work! Any travel agents out there willing to make this happen? I’m all (mouse) ears, and would be glad to help plan/lead such tour.


Simplicity 1419 – The Ombre Dress


Simplicity 1419 Ombre Dress | Sew Anita

This dress has actually been ready for about two weeks now… It just took me some time to get to photograph it and blog about it! A lot of you probably saw it on Instagram or Facebook, because I asked for your help in determining which color I should go with for the collar. There was an overwhelming response to purple, which was exactly what I was thinking too, whew. Anyway, I had this fabric for a really long time, and you might remember I had a different dress pattern in mind for it, but ended up changing my mind when I saw the sheer amount of pattern pieces I was going to have to not only cut it, but also try to match the pattern. The simplicity 1419 that I had already sewed seemed like a better choice for this fabric. And I had *just* the right amount of it to make this dress, the scraps left are not even enough to make a bow.

Simplicity 1419 Ombre Dress | Sew Anita

Speaking of this fabric, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? I bought about two years ago, and have been afraid of cutting into it soon. That’s why a tested pattern was the best choice for it. Unfortunately, I did some mistakes along the way… And since this fabric was bought so long ago, I couldn’t find it online to buy another yard or two to recut the pieces I messed up. You probably can’t see in the photos, because I tried to disguise the issues, but the collar and the pockets had some mishaps… BUMMER, I know. And the zipper application was not my best one, so let’s all be thankful for my long hair that I can hide whatever problems I had back there. And that folding crease smack down in the middle of the dress that I just CANNOT iron it out? Ugh. Don’t worry, a few more washes and it will be gone. But it bugs me on the photos. And now you know exactly where the middle of my fabric was, lol.

Simplicity 1419 Ombre Dress | Sew Anita

There’s not much to say about this pattern since I already made it before and it was perfect already the first time around. This time I added sleeves, which I really like, and it will help me into transitioning this to winter. And hey, did you notice my white hair peeking out in these photos? I’m getting grayer by the day! Last time I dyed my hair I didn’t have grays in the parting section, but now I do. And it’s obviously time to call my hair stylist again!

Simplicity 1419 Ombre Dress | Sew Anita

I wore this to: running errands and a friend’s housewarming party over the weekend. Oh and the belt is from Amazon. Fun thing, right?

Simplicity 1419 Ombre Dress | Sew Anita


McCalls Fall 2014 Collection – Wishlist


New patterns! McCalls just sent out the very anticipated email with all of their new pattern offerings for fall! And after seeing all the fall offerings from Vogue, Butterick, and now McCalls, I have to say it… even though I’m a big fan of winter and cold, the colder weather patterns just don’t do it for me. I’m just not a fan of sewing with heavy wools, or even of the styling of some of those pieces on the catalogue. The spring collections full of dresses and breezy tops are more up my alley. That said, there were a few stand outs for me on this collection and I wanted to share the ones I’ll be adding to my wishlist!

McCalls 7022 | Sew Anita

M7022 – That skirt is screaming Mad Men to me, which is a big plus in my book. I love the wide waistband. Also, look at all the other cute styles that come with the pattern! Sure it looks easy, but that’s also a good thing. I think this one just be my favorite out of all the new patterns, and I’ll definitely be making it. Probably in all the versions.

McCalls 7017 | Sew Anita

M7017 – I’m passing on the skirt with the tail, but the other pieces in this set are pretty adorable. I love the peplum top, and it looks very nice in that polka dot fabric. But unfortunately I am not a peplum kind of girl, so even though I find this set cute, I probably won’t be making it anytime soon.

McCalls 7016 | Sew Anita

M7016 – I thought it was a very pretty dress. Looks warm and comfy, I love the details in the waist. And it’s made for comfy warm knits. I think it would feel pretty awesome to wear it. I also like the blouse/jacket version of it. The sleeveless dress is just okay, but the drop waist detail is what I liked about it. I think if I was making it, I’d make the jacket and the long sleeved dress with drop waist. Hmm now that I’m thinking about it, I might have just the perfect fabric for the jacket…

McCalls 7018 | Sew Anita

M7018 – I love shirts, and I’m pretty intrigued by this one. I’m not sure my knit sewing skills are up for collars and buttonholes yet, but I can see this in my future.

McCalls 7013 | Sew Anita

M7013 – This is almost like a PS because I won’t really be making this pattern but… HOW CUTE is that little girls’ coat? McCalls, please reissue this in adult size. I’m begging you. The polka dot, high-low with the bow detail? It was made for me. I just need it into several sizes bigger…