Getting Organized: My To-Sew Pile

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With the goal of getting organized, I spent the evening taking pictures of the patterns I have, and the fabrics I want to use to make them. It’s very exciting to put it together and make a proper pile, this way I feel like I can do a good job of going through all my fabric and pattern stash before buying anything new (as if that ever worked for any sewer!). So here am I to share with you the “drafts” of my future projects, and I hope I can accomplish most of them through the month of May to get my wardrobe ready for summer!

1. Green and lacey top: I’m currently sewing some new pajamas for Michael, but as soon as I’m done, I have plans for the left over green swiss dot from my first Anna Dress, and the cream lace that I have left over from two other projects. I got this New Look pattern on sale at the fabric store near my house because I am in dire need of new tops. This looked quick and easy.

New Look 0947 Planning. Green swiss dot and cream lace | Anita Boeira


2. Multi-colored slip: Another thing I’m in dire need off is summer pajamas. The ones I have are falling apart and just don’t appeal to me anymore. And they get a lot of use from mid-April thru October around these parts, so I was looking for a good slip pattern, and found a great one online to try out. It’s the Ruby slip, and on my first try, I’m hoping to use some of that delicious left over fabric from my second Anna dress, to make something that would be a dream to sleep on. I’m not a big fan of the transparency of the lace part, though, so you bet I’ll be improvising a lining on this. If this works out, I have some white soft fabric to make another slip, this time all in white, just to have it to wear under light-colored clothing.

Ruby Slip in multi colored fabric.


3. More pajamas: In case that wasn’t obvious, I need pajamas. Mike also needs pajamas. Thank goodness pajamas are easy and quick to make. I’m using this left over fabric, and maybe a few other left over fabrics not pictured, to make some more summer pjs. I’ll use the shorts from this pattern (that I have shortened to make it look cute) and maybe if the slip works out alright, cut some length and do a slippy top. If not, I’ll just do the tank top from this pattern as well. It’s not pretty, but it’s practical.

Stars Pajamas


4. Floral Dress: Here’s a fabric I’ve been hoarding for forever afraid to cut in. It’s quilting cotton, so I think it will work nicely with this Simplicity pattern I grabbed at the fabric store (I love the peter pan collar) on their last sale. I had piping ready to match this fabric, but just realized the blues don’t match. Which is a bummer because I really wanted to add piping to the waistline here. Oh well. The collar should be novelty enough.

Simplicity S0518 Lisette - Floral dress


5. Ombre Dress: This Simplicity pattern has been sitting in my pile for a while now… I love the detail in the top, but I’ve read it’s a bit on the complicated side, so I’m bracing myself for it (and waiting for a new batch of tracing paper to arrive, so I don’t need to ruin the pattern). The fabric is a little more stiff than I wish, but I love the ombre and I think it will make a beautiful dress. I have been much more confident in my sewing skills lately, and I think the finish of my dresses is vastly improving, so I look forward to try my hand at something a bit more complicated.

Simplicity Cynthia Rowley Ombre Dress


6. Floral Summer Dress: now that I’ve discovered rayon challis, I don’t want to sew with anything else. It’s so soft and buttery against the skin, and so easy to sew. I had my eyes on this Vogue pattern for a while, but wasn’t comfortable sewing soft dresses yet. But after the Anna dress, I’m a lot more confident, so I got the pattern and a new rayon challis to go with it. I love it, and I’m hoping I have some left over for, yes, you guessed it, another slip. But it was not the cheapest of fabrics, so I only bought 3 yards, so we’ll see if I’ll  have enough left for anything. I’m pretty good at cutting my fabrics to minimize waste, though, so I’m happy. Anyway, doesn’t this look like a great summer dress? Perfect for the weekend.

Vogue Patterns Summer Dress


7. Not pictured: I’m working on a third Anna dress. Yup, a third Anna dress, but this one will actually be an Ana (just one N) dress, because I’m making it as a birthday gift to my friend Ana. I think I’m pretty comfortable with this pattern at this point to venture into making one for a friend (first time doing this, if it fails and it traumatizes me forever, I’ll let you know just in case you were thinking about asking one for yourself). So, this one is not pictured for obvious reasons, cause it’s a surprise.

Now that you know what’s on my sewing to-do list, what are some projects you are working on?

Another Anna Dress… Thanks #SewDollyClackett !

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I only just heard of the #SewDollyClackett challenge, and couldn’t help but take part in it. The challenge, in honor of blogger Roisin‘s nuptials, is to create a dress inspired by her. And what other dress could I have created but a bright and sunny Anna dress, inspired by the one I saw on her blog and first made me fall in love with this pattern (I’ve been loving her style for way longer, the dresses she makes are very much up my alley. I feel like we’d make great sewing buddies). This Anna dress is not only my new favorite dress pattern, but this dress is also my new favorite new dress. The fabric is a dream, so soft and falls nicely around my body, and it was a dream to sew with (I was so terrified of it, it sat on my fabric pile for 6 months). I definitely need more of this fabric in my life, to make an Anna Dress in each color of the rainbow.


It was my first time sewing with Rayon, and I picked this fabric mostly because it was on sale ($5/yd) and I didn’t want to get 4 yards of some expensive fabric and find out I could not sew with it. So technically, I wasn’t a big fan of the pattern. That is, till I sewed it together and this dress came out of it. I think it ended up working perfectly, and it’s a beautiful and bright pattern, and since the dress is so slimming, it doesn’t even matter that I got those bold colors and big prints.


I wore this dress for the first time this Sunday for Easter. It’s not exactly pastel, which is the color favored on Easter, but then, I invite you to look in my wardrobe and find something pastel. There’s a mint skirt and dress in there, but that’s about it. And let’s face it, this bright and floral dress is very Spring, and a much better match to my skin color than pastel. I love pastel, but it’s just not for me.


Well, now that I have already showed and talked about the virtues of this pattern (the sleeves! the top!), I feel like I need to make at least one more Anna Dress before moving on to different patterns. I think a color block short Anna dress is in my future. And after that, I’ll move on and play with different patterns, it’s time! Okay, maybe after I also make an Anna in black. Then I’ll be done!


And did you see the cool detail of the slit in this dress? It’s such a cool detail! I think I could have gone a little deeper with mine, since I’m so short. I had to take 6 inches off the hem to make it not drag on the floor! I did like the dragging on the floor length though, it was gorgeous, just not very practical.


Speaking of Anna Dress, you’ve seen another version of it recently, because about two weeks ago I shared a green and short version of it. It’s such a flattering cut, I’m now anxious to try other by Hand London patterns. That Georgia dress is calling my name.


And if you are wondering why this is the first time I show you the back of one of my projects, it’s not because I have some sort of weird phobia about backs, it’s because this is the first dress that I put a zipper I’m not embarrassed of! I used this tutorial from A Fashionable Stitch and it’s the best zipper I have ever sewed! It was pretty easy, but I need add a few more of those to consider myself happy about zippers. Next on my list of things to tackle: button holes.


Also worn with Mel by Melissa flats, and the necklace and earrings were a gift.


Throwback Thursday – The Paul McCartney

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Today I’m bringing you something special for Throwback Thursday. I want to introduce you to a hairstyle I had through a few different phases of my life, a style I like to refer to as the Paul McCartney. This hairstyle basically consisted of a short hair cut, but not too short to be pixie, and long enough to have something that almost looked like mullets on the back, but too short to actually be mullets. Sounds complicated?

Vintage Anita

This first photo is from around 1990, and it offers quite a good side view of the hairstyle. But the best Paul McCartney year was the year when I went to England (how fitting!) in 1997. In between 1990 and 1997 my hair went from short to long, back to short again in time to travel. I think I remember getting that haircut just a week or two before going to England.

Vintage Anita

And just so you don’t think that my short hair period was a complete disaster, I wanted to share with you the only recorded moment when I actually rocked short hair:


And to complete the cycle of “staring into the distance” photos, here’s the Paul McCartney making a final appearance in my life. Good riddance!

Vintage Anita

And in case you doubt that I actually look like the famous Beatle, here’s some photos for comparison:

Paul McCartney

My First Vintage Purchase

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For a few years I have been jealously watching bloggers and friends all over the internet sharing their amazing vintage purchases, but with nothing to share of my own. Not to say I was a victim of peer pressure, because I love vintage silhouettes, and wished I could take part in all that fun, but alas, I don’t have the body type for vintage clothing, especially from my favorite era: the 50s and 60s. Those pesky skinny ladies of the past didn’t really left anything over for a girl my size. So I settled for vintage inspired, and was fairly happy, actually.

But I still roamed through vintage shops, and one of my favorites is Sally Jane Vintage on Etsy. Which is funny, because she specializes more in 70s-90s items than the 50s, but I loved the things she curated in her shop. And then one day I saw this dress, she actually had two very similar (one was white, the other ivory, but essentially the same dress), and the price was ridiculously cheap, and miracle of miracles: it was my size. It was actually a little bit bigger (about 2 extra inches), but it’s a dress meant to be flow-y, not fitted, so it was still perfect. It arrived a month ago, but I only had the opportunity to take some pictures of it today. It was super windy and too cold for my usual happy face, but I wanted to share this beautiful dress!

vintage_dress4I’m also wearing: Guess heels (suuuuper old) | Forever 21 belt (old too) |
Handmade necklace I bought at Craft Lake City


Wedding Dress Shopping

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Wedding Dress - Anita Boeira, photo by Katie Pritchard PhotoPhoto by Katie Pritchard Photography

I have been dying to write this post up since January! I have tried to document it (read: cell phone pictures) as best as I could the process of trying out and choosing a wedding dress. You already saw the final look, but you didn’t see everything that came before finding THE ONE. My original idea was to find something that was vintage-inspired (50s or 60s), off-white, circle skirt and fitted top, knee length, sleeved, lace was a plus but not a must. Beholden obviously, had beautiful dresses that I really wanted but wasn’t willing to spend the $600-900 price tag (click through at your own risk). There was a brief period that I thought I could just make my own dress, but thankfully I didn’t do that because can you imagine the stress of that? ModCloth was the first store where I found viable options, they have an entire category for vintage wedding style. I quickly found two dresses I liked, picked the one that had sleeves and ordered it. That was back in October, and when I received the dress, I was happy with it. It fit nicely, it looked to be of nice quality, and I felt accomplished and done. “Whew, this wedding thing is eaaaasy.” I didn’t love the dress, but I was happy enough with it.

Then January rolled by, and I decided to try it on. Suddenly, I hated the sight of the thing. I put it on and found out all those things I didn’t like: the cleavage was too modest (funny enough I ended up with a top even more modest, but who’s keeping track?), the sleeves too short, the back wasn’t lined properly and showed the bra and made my back look fat, the skirt wasn’t puffy enough, AGH. That was probably the most stressful moment of the whole planning process. That day when I decided to try my dress on again. I returned immediately (for just 50% of the price because it had been over a month, whomp whomp) and was resolved to NOT buy a dress online again. Still, I ended up ordering a dress from Asos and one from Macy’s.

Wedding Dress #1 - From ModClothLove You Ivory Day Dress | ModCloth

Again, disappointment. The Asos dress was the best looking of the group, but it was still not the one, you know? I was happy enough with it, I liked the sleeves and the fact that it wasn’t too tight. The one from Macy’s was looking good in theory, but when I put it on it smelled funny and was super unflattering.

Wedding Dress Shopping - AsosAsos Skater Dress with Lace Sleeves (they also have it in RED – so pretty!) | ASOS

Wedding Dress Shopping - Macy'sThis one is sold out | Similar Dresses at Macy’s

The next day I gave up this internet business for good and hit up the City Creek mall after a little white dress. In January. Not surprisingly, almost no store had anything in white. I ended up trying two dresses at Nordstrom, one that made me look like I was a flower girl, and a flapper inspired dress that I absolutely loved (the price was awesome too), but after much thinking back and forth I ended up not getting it. But I only didn’t get it because on my way to buy it, I found the HALF-ONE! Yes, I’m calling the lace shirt the half-one.

Wedding Dress Shopping - FlapperYes, I loved loved this dress. It wasn’t a wedding dress, but I wish I had bought it anyway.

Wedding Dress Shopping - MehThis one was just too short. I felt like a flower girl.

Of course, in the meantime I had ordered an Anthropologie dress that looked amazing on the catalog, but once I got it at home, it was just too casual looking. That dress could have been much improved by a higher neckline and a shorter or longer sleeve. Then it would have been an amazing wedding dress (but not as amazing as the one I ended up with).

Wedding Dress - From AnthropologieIvoire Dress | Anthropologie

Next was to find a skirt that would go with it. So I ordered a cream pleated skirt from Asos and a tulle skirt from Etsy. Completely different looks, and fingers crossed at least one of them would work. And one of them did. Deep breath, you made it. It was absolutely perfect. And it looked even better when I had the proper layers under it (and not a black sports bra) and my hair done. I looked like a doll, and I was happy.

Wedding Dress Shopping: Picking a Skirt

And there you have it! That was my wedding dress shopping experience. The shoes were a much easier decision, thankfully! I had them picked from the moment we decided we were getting married.

How to Wear: Tulle Skirt

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How I wear: Tulle Skirt

Not a lot of you realized this, but my wedding “dress” was actually a shirt + skirt outfit. I was having the hardest time finding a dress with sleeves or fit I liked, but when I found a lace shirt at Express, I knew it was the perfect top for my wedding day. I tried with a couple different skirts, and when I sent the pictures for a couple of friends they were adamant: ditch the shirt and buy an actual dress, this shirt is not “party” enough. And I thought to myself, “not party enough? Oh you just wait and see.” Apparently there’s nothing I like better than a challenge. So I got online and looked for a tea/knee length tulle skirt (I don’t like sewing with tulle, so handmade was out) and found a bunch I liked, but only one that looked just the perfect color and volume for what I had in mind (seller HiddenRoom).

But as fantastic as my dress looked, I can’t just wear this awesome skirt, ONCE, am I right? I searched for some inspiration, and thought the best way to wear this on my day to day was to contrast the softness and cuteness of the tulle with some rock’n’roll! I’ve seen a lot of very cute girl also pairing their tulle skirts with oversized sweaters, but that’s just too much oversize for me. Here’s how I wore it, for a informal photoshoot at the Utah State Capitol, because the cherry blossoms are blooming and it looks amazing (I actually went there the day before and shot some beautiful pictures that you can see here):

How I wear: Tulle Skirt
How I wear: Tulle Skirt
How I wear: Tulle SkirtLeather Jacker: Arden B. (old) | Laser Cat Tee: Threadless
Tulle Skirt: HiddenRoom | Heels: Anne Michelle (old)

And for more inspiration, check out those amazing looks from other bloggers:

How to Wear Tulle Skirt with ColorColorful tulle skirts can be even more fun to play with, just pair it with a basic tee. Glitter Guide | La Vita Mia

How to Wear Tulle Skirt CuteCasual tops and nude heels. Atlantic Pacific | This Time Tomorrow 

How to Wear Tulle Skirt With RedWith a nautical twist with red stripes and navy blazers. Sea of Shoes 1 & 2

How to Wear Tulle Skirt RockAnd my favorite style: rock’n’roll. Pandora | What I Wore

Do you own a tulle skirt? How do you wear it?

Where to buy:

Throwback Thursday – Anita, the early years

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Recently my dad got a scanner and went through all of our albums scanning some of the best moments of our family. I thought it would be fun to share, as part of a short Throwback Thursday series, some of the… well, the moments that better showcase my personality, and my true self. Enjoy!

Vintage Anita

Meet my stuffed animal collection, circa early 90s. I did not like dolls growing up, which is a good thing, otherwise this photo would have looked very creepy with a bunch of old dolls, instead of just funny. Note the selfishness too: I’m sitting in this big chair, throne like, with exponentially more bears than my friends.

Vintage Anita

This image is proof that even the worst photos you can possibly have taken of yourself, there’s nothing like a good 20 years that won’t turn that into something hilarious. Plus, this photo pretty much defines my personality, and it didn’t change one bit in the last 20 years. Okay, maybe it changed during my teen years, but it’s back to that now. Also, can we stop a moment to notice the fashion? A basic white t-shirt, that judging by the size of the sleeves it was probably my dad’s. A royal blue belt with a seashell buckle. And just be happy you can’t see the shorts, because they were horrendous. Funny story about this day? This was a surprise birthday party my parents threw for myself, but earlier that day I had gone to another birthday party. I had absolutely no idea there was a party for me, so when we got home, my mom was planning on going through the front door, instead of the garage door as it was our habit. But before she could say anything, I jumped from the car and ran home through the garage door. As soon as I was inside, I immediately started to get rid of those shorts, I really hated them. With my pants halfway through my knees, I look back into the dining room, and see a bunch of faces looking at me. Surprise…? I guess that’s why I never got a surprise birthday party again.

Before I show you a new picture, see if you can find the hidden Mickey in the above photo.

Vintage Anita

I like this photo because of the incredulous face I am making in it. Like this kid just told me this crazy story, and I’m just looking at him like “u-hu, right.” I’d like to also add that I learned this look from my mom. She’ll give you exactly the same one if you try to bullshit her about anything, something my dad, who’s a big joker, is always trying to do. I’m happy to say though, that even though I have the same bullshit detector as my mom, I also great at telling the same absurd stories my dad and his brothers are famous for. Balance is everything.

Vintage Anita, rocking a mustache

I feel like I need a good name for this photo. Mustachioed-Fairy? I was thinking something along those lines. That magical wand I’m holding was something I made that day, and insisted on taking to school for the father’s day celebration. This photo is just adorableness everywhere, and thanks to the jeans and white shirt, still a classic.

Vintage Anita, Rockstar

Yes, I was born a rockstar! And yes, my singing is just as awful as my friend’s face leads you to believe it is. That’s why I always drive with the windows closed, so no one can hear me singing to the radio.

Vintage Anita

Before I leave you for the day, I had to share you this picture of the first (and last) time I ever rode on anything with four legs. I’m pretty sure they were selling this as a pony ride, but the more I look at this picture the more I think it is actually a donkey. Nevertheless, I was terrified. I really wanted to go, but the moment I was put on top of that thing, I froze in terror for the entire lap. Probably why I never rode a horse or anything like that ever again.


Sewing Inspiration – Purple Lace Dress

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I barely finished one project (the Anna dress, by Hand London!) and my head is already on the next. I started to gather some inspiration for a dress I dreamed about. Yes, how silly, but I dream about clothes and when I wake up, I want to make them. The dream dress in question this time, was a deep purple lace number (worn with a purple leather jacket – so hot!), that not me, but a friend of mine was wearing it. In the dream, I was hired to travel with her on a cruise as her official photographer. Which, by the way, I am totally interested in this as a career everyone: you can hire me to take pictures of your vacation, all you gotta do is take me with you (and pay the cost of the vacation plus my daily fee, of course!). Anyway, back to the dress, I’ve been wanting to do a dress with overlay dress for a while, and when I woke up from the purple dress dream, I had my inspiration.

Then I went online and saw this dress on A Pair and a Spare DIY blog:


It’s beautiful, right? It’s hard to see on the photo because of the belt (DIYed by her, no less! It’s so pretty!) but the dress also has a lace waist. I love the details and how flowy this dress is. The color is also fantastic, but I’m set on a purple dress, so a purple dress it will be. For the construction, I have two patterns in mind, and I might try to do a mix and match to get the sleeves of this one and the waist of this one. Advanced sewing for me, but I think I can swing it. I might have to do a muslin first to test it out. But I like a little invention (and did you see the POCKETS in the Simplicity 1755 pattern? Pockets FTW). 

Vogue 8972 and Simplicity 1755Vogue 8972 | Simplicity 1755

For fabric, I have my eye set on this gorgeous purple lace I saw on Etsy, but at 26 dollars for HALF a yard, it’s more likely I’ll end up buying a not-as-cool-looking purple lace from at 10 dollars a yard. Sad, but I don’t think I’m ready for $50/yard fabric yet. For the Rest of the dress, I’m looking for a fabric in a similar shade of purple, of lightweight material that doesn’t wrinkle too much, so I can make a big puffy skirt to go with it.


Purple Fabric

 That’s the plan! Now I just need to find the perfect fabric and I’ll be ready to go. And as usual, I promise to share the results with you here. Wish me luck! 

Where to ACTUALLY eat in Orlando

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Early this year I saw a blog post in a very popular Brazilian blog with suggestions of restaurants to eat in Orlando. The list was the following:

2. The Cheesecake Factory
3. McDonalds

I’ll give you a moment to let this sink in. No wonder everyone thinks Americans eat so terribly if this is the list of “recommended restaurants” influential travelers are suggesting to their readers. It is true that I thought the same way before I moved here, and therefore have an advantage over this blogger, because I know that those restaurants are truly some of the worst possible choices you can make in food, being a tourist or a local. I took upon myself to ask other Orlando locals for their suggestions of best places to eat in Orlando, and even though I have not first-hand eaten in any of those, I trust the sources. And as a friend of mine (and food blogger) suggested, google some local food bloggers in the area you are visiting for suggestions.


Restaurants in Orlando

Agave Azul, Mexican (near Universal  Orlando) – This one I actually went to on my  last visit to meet up with a friend who lives in Orlando. I love Mexican food, and thought the food was good and the prices fair.

Bongos, Cuban (Downtown Disney) – Even though it’s on Disney property, this Cuban restaurant was recommended by locals as best Cuban food in Orlando. You’d think they recommend a hole in the wall type of place, but hey, Downtown Disney is easier to find! Prices are all over the place, with sandwiches and appetizers around $10 and meat and fish dishes for $25-40.

Cape May Cafe, American (Disney Beach Club Resort) – It’s buffet style restaurant, a more casual ambiance, even with the Disney prices. The caveat is: you get to dine with Disney characters, so if that’s not your cup of tea, you can avoid it. A lot of Disney restaurants offer that character experience, and it is fun even for adults. And if you really want a pancake, I’d rather you eat it at one of Disney’s breakfasts than at ihop. Prices are on the expensive side, from $30-60 for breakfast and dinner.

Fulton’s Crab House, Seafood (Downtown Disney) – This place is cool for ambiance alone. You get to eat in a super-awesome-cool boat. Price range $30-60. But have I mentioned the boat yet? Not for seafood lovers, though, obviously.

Jiko, African Cuisine (Animal Kingdom Lodge) – I haven’t tried this restaurant, but the AK Lodge is one of Disney’s nicest hotels, and it was a suggestion for a friend that lived in Orlando and worked for Disney. Prices are on the more expensive side ($30-60).

Nagoya Sushi, Japanese – This also came highly recommended by friends and Zagat. I’m not a fan of sushi, but I thought I’d include this on this list because many people are. I am no expert on sushi prices, but the menu seems to range between $15-20.

Victoria & Albert’s, American (Gran Floridian Hotel) – It’s #2 of best Orlando restaurants according to Zagat. I visited this restaurant ten years ago, for breakfast with Alice in Wonderland, Pooh, and Mary Poppins. Character dining aside (pooh and his gang are worth meeting), breakfast food was just alright, so I’m surprised to see it doing so well on Zagat. Maybe dinner is better. Either way, the Mickey waffles are worth the investment, because you know that anything Mickey shaped tastes better. It’s an expensive treat, though, with prices over $60 per person.

Earl of SandwichYup, this is me pointing out how many times I ate at Earl of Sandwich. I really like it, OKAY?

If you INSIST on eating on a chain restaurant, the following are okay.

Earl of Sandwich, Sandwiches (Downtown Disney) – this is a personal favorite. They make their own bread, and the hot sandwiches are all very tasty and cheap. I love tasty, cheap, and good nutrients, the opposite of McDonalds that is cheap, but not tasty nor nutritional.

Keke’s, Breakfast – This one is for you pancake lovers. Skip ihop (and please skip Denny’s as well) and visit Keke’s as recommended by a friend of mine who lived in Orlando. Not as expensive as the Disney character breakfasts, but I feel like you’ll be okay about that. Most expensive item I found on the menu was $10.

Seasons 52, American – I have never heard of this chain, but the restaurant was also highly recommended by a couple of friends. The menu seems to be a simple one, with grilled meats and salads. Prices between $11-30.

Smokey Bones, Barbecue & Burgers –  Another place to go instead of McDonalds if you want a tasty burger. It’s still a chain, but you get to eat better quality food and on a real plate. Prices between $11-30.

Olive Garden, Italian – It’s over hyped (sorry OG fans), but even I will admit it has its merits. The food tastes good, but be warned that it’s not actually fresh, but frozen. And yes, the salad is delicious,  but the dressing has a ton of calories (therefore: delicious).

And avoid the Cheesecake Factory. It’s over-hyped, the food is not so great, and it’s a caloric bomb. Even the salads are over 1,000 calories. I know you’re burning a lot of calories walking all day in the theme parks, but trust me when I tell you you don’t need that kind of fat. If you want to eat calories, opt for the best calories you can find: quality over calories.


Honorable Mention: Food & Wine Festival at Epcot – Once a year, Disney hosts a food and wine festival in Epcot. Epcot already boasts of great restaurants of around the world cuisine, but during this festival (usually in the Fall, with dates between September and November) they add another huge quantity of booths serving food from even more countries. It is hit and miss, some taste delicious and some a little plastic, but it was a fun experience. Prices are cheap, but the portions are very small. Expect to spend about $30 per person, and my suggestion is to share with someone so you get to try more things.

For more Disney (inside the theme park) dining options, I suggest you check out this Pinterest user. I’m no expert when it comes to dining inside the parks, as I usually just opt for snacks to save money. I prefer to eat in Downtown Disney when I’m looking for a more substantial meal. You might also enjoy my post on 9 ways to save on a Disney World vacation.

And my uncle also left me a list of restaurant suggestions in Miami! If you’re heading there as well, here it is:

Restaurant Vostok (826 W Hallandale Beach Blvd Hallandale Beach, FL)
Puerto Sagua (700 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL )
Maroosh (223 Valencia Ave Coral Gables, FL)
Two Georges at the Cove (1755 SE 3rd Ct Deerfield Beach, FL)
Talay Thai (7100 Fairway Dr Palm Beach Gardens,)

Orlando locals and travelers: if you have restaurants to add to this list or better opinions about the ones listed, please use the comments to let me know! I hope this post is an ever evolving thing, and I’ll be happy to update it with YOUR suggestions. 

Completed Sewing Project: Anna Dress in Green

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Anna Dress, by Hand London

Yay, I finally finished my Anna dress! I first saw this pattern on Roisin Muldoon‘s blog, and fell in love. I bought it the same day, but it took me this long (her post is from August!) to actually do it. I had a lot of unfinished projects on my list, and by the time I was ready to play with this pattern, it was winter, and I just didn’t have the motivation to make a summer dress in December.

The dress I’m sharing today was meant to only be a muslin, but I loved the color of this fabric and how light and airy it felt. Plus, I took a lot of care with it, and it ended up looking pretty good, so I’ll actually get to wear it! I used french seams on it all, so it looks impeccable (okay, it looks really good for someone still learning) on the inside, but my zippers are still a problem for me… =\ For my next Anna dress (which will be a maxi dress), I’m going to use a stretchy knit fabric, so hopefully I won’t need a zipper.

Anna Dress, by Hand London

It also took me longer than expected to finish it. A lot of bloggers commented on how easy and quick it is to make them, but even though I agree it was easy, it was not quick. I think it took me about 10 hours to complete this project. A quick project for me would have taken me an afternoon, max. I wish I could blame it on the zipper and on the french seams, but those all went by pretty quickly…

Anna Dress, by Hand London

You can see in this set of photos how nice this pattern is. I’ve read that it’s one of those that fit everyone well, and I have to agree. I usually have issues with sleeves this short, but this kind was very flattering. The pleats in the waist end just below the bust, and I think that’s the detail that really makes this dress so special. I have no idea what sort of alteration you’d have to make for a smaller or bigger bust, but I’m lucky I’m just exactly average in that department, because it does make it easy for sewing.

Anna Dress, by Hand London

Dress: Anna Dress, by Hand London (handmade)
Necklace: All Hail the Green, A-Thread
Shoes: Melissa (super old)

I wore this for: afternoon coffee with Michael

Anna Dress, by Hand London


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